Frequented Asked Questions

Nowhere will you find so much transparency and information about buying a Pomeranian dwarf spitz puppy

  1. Who are we?
  2. How to get the photos of the puppies available?
  3. How to recognize a Pomeranian?
  4. Where do our puppies come from?
  5. Why are they rare?
  6. Regulations and legislation
  7. Pedigree export
  8. How to buy a puppy from us?
  9. Transport
  10. Reservation and Payment
  11. 24/7 After-Sales Service
  12. Do you make payments in several times?
  13. Are your puppies LOF?
  14. What is the difference between LOF and Pedigree Export?
  15. Can I have my puppy confirmed LOF afterwards?
  16. When will you send the next Newsletter?
  17. Can I come and see the puppies on site?
  18. How tall will the puppy be at adult size?
  19. Is it possible to see the parents?
  20. I have been told bad things about you/ My veterinarian tells me that the puppy has not been vaccinated/etc…

Thank you for reading this document. There are a lot of people calling us. We no longer have time to explain one by one what are our general conditions of sale.

It is important to explain all the ins and outs to you when buying a puppy with our company.

As you know, you are not buying a garment in a store, you are buying a living being, and therefore it is very important that you know who we are, where our puppies come from, and how we operate.

1. Who are we?

Elena Forme manager of the company Pom D’amour EURL Pont d’Aquitaine building 14 rue Cantelaudette 33310 Lormont SIREN: 818 192 981 Phone France: + 33 6 47 02 31 25 Tel International: +33 7 50 04 51 14 Email:

Operator number for intra-community trade: 33-2-085-001 issued by the DDPP.

EORI Operator No: FR81819298100012 issued by customs

2. Receive photos of available puppies by Newsletter

Photos of available puppies are sent by email only. You receive them 24 hours before we publish the ads on specialized sites. To subscribe to our newsletter, you must read and accept our general conditions of sale. Thank you.

recognize dwarf spitz pomeranian

3. The dwarf Spitz breed called “Pomeranian”?

We only sell dwarf spitz puppies, known as Pomeranian. In spitz, you have the lineage of large, medium, small and dwarf. Dwarfs are Pomeranians. They have small snouts with rounded ears that give that teddy look.

recognize dwarf spitz pomeranian

Is that what you are looking for? Because we do only that and nothing else.

4. Where do our puppies come from?

Our puppies come from the biggest professional Pomeranian clubs in the world!

We only sell puppies with pedigree, son or daughter of champions.

France is world champion in wine, gastronomy, haute couture and everything you want! … But not Pomeranians, that’s a fact! It’s like French bulldogs in Japan. It’s rare ! And many of the most beautiful Pomeranians in the world come from North America, Asia and Russia. It’s a fact ! You have to accept it, that’s how it is.

It is easily verifiable on the internet, you just have to search in Google for the dwarf spitz world champions of the last ten years, none of them are French. They are all Canadian, American, Russian and even Thai or Korean.

5. Very rare in France and Europe

You can find Pomeranians in France, but this is rarer than a Chihuahua for example. You type “chihuahua” into a classifieds site, you get 1500 results! You type “pomeranian”, you have less than fifteen ads in all of France.

These are very difficult dogs to breed. One in four females is able to give birth. These puppies are very rare.

Our puppies therefore come from international professional clubs. It is not a breeding with a lot of females that reproduce a lot. They are competition dogs, the puppies grow up with their mother until they are 3 months and 3 weeks old. It’s the law.

recognize dwarf pomeranian spitz

6. Regulations and legislation

However, all of this is strictly regulated by the Departmental Directorate for Population Security (DDSP), the central canine, and the ICAD. We must provide these organizations and the purchaser with full traceability of the puppies and guarantees that they are in good health.

This translates into the birth certificate, the health record from the country of origin with antiparasitic treatments, vaccines, rabies vaccine, 3 weeks of quarantine to be able to obtain the veterinary certificate EU import which allows him to take the plane and arrive at the customs veterinary services at the animal reception station at Charles de Gaulle airport.

Finally when he arrives in France, he passes an additional clinical examination by a French veterinarian to give him his French passport, and write his certificate of good health which is compulsory before the transfer of a dog . If the animal has malformations or serious illnesses, We are not authorized to sell it to you. So these are all the documents you will have during the transaction, and it was important for us to explain all this to you.

Documents from country of origin

Birth certificate
Internal pest control treatments
External pest control treatments
CHPPI vaccines
Rabies vaccine
EU import veterinary certificate

French Documents

French passport + revaccination
passeport_francais puppy
ICAD registration form
French certificate of good health
Sales contract

7. Pedigree


The export pedigree will be given to you approximately 7 months after the transaction. It is long but that is due to the administrations. It is written on the sales contract.

The pedigree export will be in your name where will be written the name of the puppy, the name of its parents, grandparents and great-grandparents as well as their titles of champions.

It is thanks to this document that you will be able to have it validated LOF when he or she is 1 year old.

We have finished with the administrative part and regulations. Now on to your choice.

8. How to buy a puppy?

From the moment the ad is published, the puppy is sold in 24 hours maximum. That’s why the puppy on the ad was no longer available and we’re sorry. We are victims of our own success and have organized a simple process.

We send you our newsletter with the photos and prices of the available puppies before publishing the ads on the specialized sites. If you like one of the puppies, you have to call us to organize a visit if you are near Bordeaux; or a webcam if you are too far away.

Full transparency: view the puppy via webcam

see puppy by webcam The webcam will allow you to see the puppy in 360ª, in length, width, face and profile live live. We insist on the webcam because it allows 2 things:
  • Confirm that it is the puppy in the photos, you can find anything and everything on the internet,
  • And this allows us to validate that you have a real crush! It is out of the question that you will be disappointed on the day of the transaction. You are going to spend 15 years of your life with this dog, you have to be sure that you are a crush. We have to be sure that the pup will be loved.

Unfortunately the webcam is not always technically possible. In this case, we will then have a video that will allow you to easily recognize the puppy on the day of the transaction.

Subscribe to the Newsletter

We now invite you to leave us your email and your name in the form below. If you already know what color and gender you want, please let us know.

PS: When you have received the photos by email, you must call us by phone for quick answers. We receive far too many emails to be very responsive by email/Facebook/Instagram messaging. Thank you for your understanding.

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9. Transport: How is the delivery?

We care about puppies like the apple of our eye. We do not use transport companies. The downside is that we do not have the same logistics tools as a transport company. And unfortunately we cannot bring it to your home.

We travel by TGV and we bring the puppies to customers in the main stations in France: Roissy in France, Lyon, Aix en Provence, Marseille, Nantes, Bordeaux and Lyon. We meet in a cafeteria or brasserie, where we can sit comfortably at a table to explain all the papers, vaccines, sales contracts etc… Allow 20 to 30 minutes on the day of the transaction.


We bring your puppy to one of these stations where we take the time to explain all the documents and answer all your questions.

No delay is allowed because our collaborator must leave one hour later. There are sometimes several buyers seen individually one by one. We kindly ask you to be punctual.

10. Reservation and Payment?

To reserve a puppy, simply call us for
    • On the one hand check that the puppy is still available,

  • Then on the other hand, agree on the date and place of the meeting. Because you will have the puppy necessarily in the week. You won’t be able to tell us “I’m going on vacation to Miami, keep it for me, I’ll be back in 2 weeks to pick it up”. That is not possible!

So once we agree on the date and place of delivery, it will be necessary to make 10% deposit by bank transfer to the account of our company which is at the general company then the rest of the payment is made on the day of the transaction by credit card we have the TPE, the merchant card machine and/or cash if your card is capped. (NO CHECK, NO BANK CHECK).

11. 24/7 after-sales service

We consider these puppies as our little ones. Never hesitate to call us if you have any doubts. This is very important.

We will always recommend that you go see a veterinarian, but we insist on being informed if the animal is sick. We can help you give first aid while waiting for the vet.

Be aware that you are protected by law against redhibitory defects when selling a dog. Our puppies pass all the necessary clinical examinations, vaccines and treatments to guarantee you at the time of the transaction that the puppy has no malformations or serious illnesses:

Distemper Contagious hepatitis or Rubarth’s hepatitis Canine parvovirus Coxo-femoral dysplasia (hip dysplasia) Testicular ectopia for animals older than 6 months Retinal atrophy

A puppy is a living being that can catch diseases, viruses, and bacteria. He will therefore certainly fall ill one day or another (flu, bronchitis, infection, etc…). All these costs are your responsibility. It is your dog and you will have to be fully responsible for it. Think carefully before buying an animal. This represents a certain annual budget for care, food and toys.

You will need to take very good care of it, especially its first few days in your home. Don’t forget that these are babies. They are very fragile.

12. Do you make payments in installments?

Unfortunately not? We know that is a significant amount and not everyone can afford a Pomeranian dwarf Spitz. However, you can ask your banker. He will advance you the money and you can repay it in 4 or 5 instalments.

13. Are your puppies LOF?

No, they’re not LOF, they’re better than that. They are Pedigree Export. It is above the LOF because it is valid everywhere in the world. It is stamped by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale based in Brussels. They will investigate for 6 to 7 months on the genealogy of the puppy, the parents, grandparents, great grandparents, their titles of champions to be able to deliver the Pedigree Export which authenticates that the puppy is pure Breed.

14. What is the difference between LOF and Pedigree Export?

The LOF stands for Book of French Origins. This is what authenticates that your puppy is purebred by its origins. It is issued by the French canine central.

On the other hand, if tomorrow there is the Canine World Cup in Italy or Germany, your LOF is worth nothing because it is written in French. There they don’t speak French.

In the same way, if purebred Italians (LOI – Book of Italian Origins) or Russians (Book of Russian Origins) come to the World Cup in France, we will not accept their LOI or LOR because we don’t speak Italian or Russian here.

You must therefore ask the canine central of the country of origin for the international version of the LOF: The Pedigree Export which is written in English and which is stamped by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale based in Brussels, which will take 6-7 months to check the pedigree of the puppy, because you can imagine, they do not distribute this like hotcakes.

So they will check all the origins of the puppy and send us the pedigree 7 months later. We will send it to you by tracked mail. It is written in black and white on the sales contract.

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15. Can I have my puppy confirmed LOF afterwards?

Yes of course. It must be done at the age of 1 year. Thanks to the export pedigree, you can requestLOF confirmation from the canine central: Forms/ConfNB-iso.pdf

It will cost you 60€ and you will be asked to confirm your dog. But this is not necessary because you already have the Pedigree Export which is above the LOF and which authenticates that your puppy is purebred.

Also there is no guarantee that your puppy will be confirmed because:

    • If, for example, you forget to remove his milk teeth which do not want to fall out, the adult teeth will grow on the sides, and this can slightly deform the jaw in addition to having teeth that do not want to fall out. very aesthetic. This is unacceptable during LOF confirmation.

  • Or if for example you let your puppy get on and off the SOFA. AFTER 1 year, He will suffer from knees, will undergo an operation which will slightly deform the position of the legs.

We therefore advise you to buy the Adult dog if you absolutely want this LOF.

16. When will you send the next Newsletter?

We send the Newsletter at the beginning of the week, very often on Monday evening. But it may be on other days too. Never hesitate to contact us by SMS/WhatsApp/Line/Viber at +33 6 47 02 31 25.

16. Will you have the sex and color I want very soon?

Certainly. But until we have all the documents, the health certificates and all the papers properly done and squared, we do not offer them for sale. We won’t be sure until Monday afternoon. Never hesitate to contact us by SMS/WHatsapp/Line/VIBER at +33 6 47 02 31 25.

17. Can I come and see the puppies on site?

Yes of course. With pleasure. But call us the day before to be sure we still have puppies available. Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to come to Bordeaux and many people buy us through photos and videos.

18. How big will the adult sized puppies be?

As an adult they weigh between 1.8 and 2.5 kg. This is not guaranteed and it is written on the back of the contract. Only God can know your dog’s adult height and weight. It all depends on genetics and nutrition. For example, if you feed your puppy McDonald’s and steroids, you will inevitably have a small bull afterwards. Our example may sound silly to you, but we’ve had clients feed their puppies ribs and burgers. Apart from the size, for the stomach and the coat, it’s just catastrophic.

There is also the example of a family of 3 brothers and sisters. One of them gets his food stolen all the time. This one becomes smaller than the others. We will then think “Hey, this one will be the smallest”, when in fact, he can very well catch up on his growth when he is with his master or his mistress and he will eat his fill. He may even be taller than his siblings.

However, you will receive the export pedigree of your puppy stamped by the International Cynological Federation based in Brussels, which will take 6-7 months to verify the pedigrees of the parents, grandparents, great-grand- parents to be sure that the puppy is purebred over several generations. The FCI will investigate for 6 to 7 months, because you can imagine that they do not distribute this like hot cakes. This is all very serious. We send you your export pedigree 7 months later by tracked mail, it is written on the sales contract.

Also, we have sold about 250 puppies, we have 22,000 followers on Instagram, 3,300 Facebook fans, you can imagine that if all our puppies become big and milky, customers would not hesitate to protest their displeasure.

In summary it is impossible to guarantee adult height and weight. We can only make estimates. And ours are always the same 1.8 to 2.5 KG. Impossible to know if he or she will be 1.8Kg or 2.5Kg instead.

19. Is it possible to see the parents?

Of course. It is also recommended. When you receive the newsletter by email with photos and prices, do not hesitateDon’t contact us to ask for the parents’ photo. We have our photos stolen every week by scammers. The Internet is full of scams and that is why we distribute them sparingly. We work with the clubs and they are very sensitive to the use of their photos.

20. I have been told bad things about you / My vet tells me that the puppy has not been vaccinated / etc…

The Pom d’amour company selects dwarf Pomeranian Spitz from International Clubs with Pedigree of Champions, in order to offer you the most beautiful Dwarf Pomeranian Spitz possible with all the guarantees that they are purebred .

We must also provide you with guarantees that your puppy is in good health. To do:

    1. Puppies are examined by the club veterinarian who will guarantee that the puppy is in good health. We have no interest in selling sick puppies. They are electronically identified, vaccinated against rabies, vaccinated with CHPPI, dewormed (Milbemax) and treated against external parasites (Frontline)

    1. The puppies are then examined by the customs veterinarians of the country of origin in order to guarantee the destination country (France) that the puppies are not carriers of a serious disease (Ex: rabies ) and that they have all the necessary documents to travel.

    1. The puppies arrive at the Charles De Gaulle customs veterinary services animal station in Roissy, France. The latter will check the puppies and the documents in order to ensure the security of the national territory.

    1. A company authorized to enter the cargo area takes care of collecting the puppies and making all the administrative declarations of the arrival of the puppies in France.

    1. The puppies finally arrive at our private veterinarian in Roissy in France who will re-examine the puppies and the documents in order to write the French passport and the compulsory certificate of good health before the transfer of a puppy.< /p>

  1. The birth certificate of the puppy will be transmitted to the canine central which will make the request for Pedigree Export to the FCI based in Brussels. You will receive it by mail 7 months after the purchase of your puppy. The FCI will investigate the accuracy of the pedigree over 4 generations.

In summary our activity is controlled by:

    • The Departmental Directorate for Population Protection (DDPP),

    • 4 veterinarians from 2 different countries including 2 different customs

  • And all stamped by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale which is based in a 3rd country.

We are taking legal action against anyone who has defamed the Pom d’Amour company or its employees. Public defamation is fined €12,000:< /a>

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