How to teach your pet to be clean?

The subject that interests many people: “How to teach your pet to be clean?

Every owner is faced with the problem to potty train their puppy, this problem can not be neglected or circumvented. To help you accomplish this mission we have gathered all our tips in this article!

Getting your puppy to be clean is a rather lengthy process that requires patience and time on the part of the owner.

Here are our suggestions :


Puppies are like little children and can not hold back very long. When they play they are distracted and can forget to go to the bathroom .

The learning period is individual for each puppy. It can take you several days to several months.


If your puppy is still small and can not go out yet, make a supply of pads for his needs (you can buy these in all large stores).

We also advise you to remove the carpets from your house the time you teach the puppy to be clean. A carpet is soft and absorbs quickly, the puppy will love to use them as a toilet which is not the goal of course.

Également pendant cette période, nous vous préconisons de limiter la surface disponible pour le chiot, pour qu’il puisse avoir ses repères plus rapidement. Also during this period, we recommend limiting the surface available for the puppy, so that he can learn where to go potty faster.

To start, the most important thing is to get your pet dog to use pads. To do this, cover the entire territory your puppy has access to.

One tip: Often dogs choose a place to go to the bathroom based on their natural instincts . Most often, they do their homework near doors or under windows.

Over time, the puppy will decide where he will constantly go to the toilet, after that extra pads can be removed . In this way, you will have 1 or 2 layers at the end. The puppy will have his bearings and will do his needs on the remaining pads .

Feel free to congratulate your puppy and give him something delicious if he does it right. This will teach him the association: “Threat – pads – toilet”.

Signs – alerts

Learn to recognize the signs when your pet wants to go to the bathroom. Watch him.

Watch him.

The warning signs may be different:

  • the puppy is worried,
  • he moans,
  • he runs quickly into the room,
  • he turns on the spot,
  • he stays near the front door,
  • he begins to feel the ground
  • etc.

As soon as you notice any of these signs , bring your puppy immediately to the designed toilet and wait a few minutes. If he did not do his job, try again a few minutes later.

The more you capture these moments, the faster the puppy will develop the habit of going on the pads. Therefore, it will be best if the puppy is always under your supervision at the beginning.

But do not worry if you can not always be there.

Dogs are very smart and they will understand, even if you do it only occasionally in the day. In this case the education will take a little longer.


The younger your dog is, the less he can restrain himself and he will go to the bathroom more often.

Generally puppies always go to the bathroom after sleeping or eating 

As soon as the puppy wakes up, take him to the bathroom area, do the same after feeding him.

As a general rule, the puppy must go to the bathroom 10 to 20 minutes after eating. Therefore, it is important to feed it at the same time and the number of times needed. He will go to the toilet at about the same time, this will allow you to know better your doggie and to better organize you.


It must be remembered that food is a very important factor for your puppy’s digestive system.

You need good quality products to feed your pet.Choose the right foods for your dog and follow the meal times as well as the dosages .

This will allow your pet’s digestive system to run at a good pace and will ensure the proper functioning of your dog’s entire body.


If you caught your little companion “in the act,” say”no ” firmly and immediately put it on a pad. It is important to do it at the time of the acts or directly afterwards.

If you missed this moment, the puppy will not understand why he is punished.

Never !!! Never shout at your puppy or spank him! So he may be afraid of you and the process of learning to clean will be much more difficult.

Outdoor toilet

If, in the future, you want to get your pet to go outside, you have to go out with him more often and it is better to do it after he has slept or eaten. Take the puppy out at regular intervals throughout the day.

Choose a place for the toilets outside . In most cases, dogs prefer to go to the bathroom in the same place.

Do not forget that the Pomeranian Spitz do not like long walks. `

Therefore, you can start with 5 minutes and increase the duration over time.

Very important !!! During your walks watch your pet dog well and make sure he does not eat anything to avoid digestive disorders, various diseases and infections.


The best way to get your dog to be clean is to congratulate him for his good behavior .Whenever your dog behaves as you wish, congratulate him.

This is particularly important during the first few months of learning.

If you create all the conditions for your dog to go to the toilet and treat it with love, you will certainly get a reward very quickly!

We hope that our advice will be useful to you and will help you to learn your little love to be clean very quickly.

With love from Pom D’Amour !!!

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