or a reduction in blood sugar levels in

HYPOGLYCEMIA or a reduction in the level of blood sugar in Pomeranian Spitz puppies and adult dogs.

Glucose is the main source of energy and nutrition for central nervous system cells. Glucose deficiency causes metabolic disorders in the cerebral cortex which causes inadequate driving. The organs and brain in the spitz are deprived of the nutrients necessary for normal functioning.Weakness, coma, and death of the animal in severe cases are the results of hypoglycemia in pups of the spits.

How does hypoglycemia manifest in puppies?

This disease is easy to recognize, even in the early stages:

– the pallor of the gums, the inner surfaces of the eyelids and other surfaces of the mucosa

– abundant salivation

– tiredness and drowsiness

– lowering of temperature

– rejection of the diet

– apathetic state

– seizures similar to epilepsy


If the clinical signs are obvious, the puppy is in a state of deep sleep that can go into a coma. Remember, every minute counts !!!

The acute form of hypoglycemia is terrible but the problem is quite easy to eliminate.

Simply give a shot of 5% subcutaneous glucose, 15-20 cubic meters in the tourniquet area or if this is not possible, immediately give a hot tea very sweet, 10 to 40% glucose, or spread honey on the spitz’s palate, put it on the hot water bottle and cover.

Sometimes, a single missing meal leads to the Pomeranian puppy falling asleep slowly and not getting out of it.

How to protect your spitz against the hypoglycemia crisis?

Infection, haemorrhage, internal parasites, poor diet (lack of iron, copper, B vitamins or animal protein) can cause this dangerous disease.

Therefore, the answer is very simple:

– Your puppy must receive sufficient and regular food. The night is a very long time for spitz puppies under six months, so it is important not to leave your pet without meals, you must get up at night and feed the baby or leave the food dry in a bowl for the night. In the morning, give him some honey and feed him as usual.

– Small dogs have an improved metabolism, they digest much faster than larger dogs. We recommend that you always have chicken breast at home for dogs with a bad appetite.

– Do deworming of your spitz in time.

– Hypoglycemia very often occurs as a consequence of another problem in Pomeranian puppies as a side effect. For example, the puppy suffers from diarrhea or vomiting and loss of appetite for a completely different reason, but a hypoglycemic attack may occur immediately.

What to do in this case?

First of all it is necessary to calm the crisis of hypoglycemia or a fall of sugar in the blood.

And remember: in 95% of cases, this problem disappears after the complete change of teeth in the puppy.

A lot of problems are created by inexperienced veterinarians. Many veterinarians have never experienced hypoglycaemia in spits and here are the miracles. “Your dog is suffering from epilepsy, it needs to be euthanized” or “Brain Disorders” and sometimes: “Heartache”.

Try to contact veterinarians who have experience with small breed dogs, which means they know what hypoglycemia is in miniature dogs! “

PS Fortifying vitamin cocktail:

  • glucose 5% – 5 units,
  • calcium gluconate – 2 units,
  • ascorbic acid – 1 unit.

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