Pomeranian Dwarf Spitz education advice sheet

This article gives you the right advice for the education of a Dwarf Pomeranian Spitz

  1. You are recommended to take mutual for the puppy. Veterinary costs can be very high in times of need.
  2. Be very careful the pup doesn’t fall. He can break his neck and die. Not on the couch, not on the bed, not upstairs, etc. Be careful when he/she is in your arms. Ex: 1 month ago, a client’s puppy begged him during the night to sleep with her. After 15 minutes, she finally gave in and took the puppy to her bed, then fell asleep. The next morning the puppy was dead on the floor because he/she had fallen out of bed during the night. The client underestimated this rule. She lost her puppy.
  3. Be careful that the puppy drinks water and eats. If the puppy is sad or moody for any reason, or because it’s too hot; he/she may refuse to eat. If he/she does not eat, he/she will go into a “hypothermia” crisis. He/she will have no more energy and will seem dead to you. Do not panic. Mix water and sugar and put it in its mouth with a syringe or pipette. Wait a few minutes. The sugar will circulate in his blood through the whole body. 5 minutes later, the puppy will stand up and recover its energy. You must then feed it as soon as possible with its croquettes, pâté, chicken breast, ham, whatever you want (not salty, not peppery, not spicy).
  4. In 2 or 3 months the puppy will lose 50% of his coat and he/she will grow a little. He/she will look less like a teddy bear and be less cute. Do not panic. This is a natural process called “moulting”. He/she loses baby hair to make room for adult hair. The hair will grow back at the age of 10-12 months. It will be a huge ball of fur and you will be on top of the fur.
  5. It is therefore better to wait for your adult coat to go to the groomer. Never MOW! Cut with scissors at the risk that he gets alopecia.
  6. You should feed her the first two months only Royal Canin Puppy mini kibble.
  7. And then you can switch to ProPlan Puppy sensitive skin with salmon. Salmon is full of vitamin B, which is good for the coat. It’s cruel, but if you don’t want any problems, you’ll have to feed it these salmon kibbles all its life. Also buy Royal canin gastro-pâté if he/she shuns kibble.
  8. Be < /span>very careful with toads and caterpillars. If the puppy licks a toad or a caterpillar, its tongue will swell, a lot of saliva will come out of its mouth. You must immediately rinse his mouth with plenty of water and call the nearest veterinary clinic to detoxify him. You have 30 minutes before the puppy dies. So be very careful in gardens or parks.
  9. Check around the age of 6-7 months to see if the milk teeth are falling out. Baby teeth may not fall out and disrupt the growth of adult teeth. This can cause jaw deformity.
  10. If the puppy is healthy, its fur maintains itself. Try to wash him as infrequently as possible (once a month) with a neutral PH puppy shampoo purchased from your veterinarian. Pay attention to his eyes and ears when shampooing with lukewarm water. Remember to dry your puppy thoroughly with a towel and/or hair dryer. Be careful not to burn the puppy with the hair dryer. If your pup goes outside and isn’t dry enough, he could get bronchitis or other illness.
  11. Collar or harness? A harness will flatten his fur. You won’t have the most beautiful fur in the world. We recommend a rounded collar whichdoes not flatten fur. Buy his collar with your puppy to choose the right size.
  12. To educate him you need the scolding authoritatively in the act and never 5 minutes after. He/she would not understand. The more frequently you correct your puppy, the sooner it will be well behaved.
  13. The puppy can poop outside if you have a garden, or on a draw sheet placed somewhere in your apartment. You must always put the undersheets in the same place to make it easier for the puppy to learn to relieve himself on the undersheet.
  14. Your puppy can be alone all day or all night. However, it must be ensured that there is enough to eat and drink; and that there is nothing dangerous for him (stairs, electric cables, etc…)
  15. Never hesitate to call us on 0033 6 47 02 31 25 for an emergency 24/7.
  16. If the dog plays, eats, drinks and sleeps; there is no rush. If, on the contrary, he stays in his basket all day and does not eat, he is not feeling well. It is better to consult a veterinarian.

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