Take care of your pet dog

GROOMING pomeranian puppy

Take care of your pet dog

To take care of the Pomeranian Spitz, it is above all to take care of its fur. He has a very thick coat and must therefore be used from a young age to take care of him. Apart from keeping his hair in good condition, it is also necessary to think of other small cares related to his appearance and his health. This involves the implementation of different procedures that we will discuss in this article.

Here are some helpful tips : 

1. Cleaning the ears

Start grooming your Pomeranian Lulu by cleaning its ears. Use a cotton swab and an alcohol-free solution . Clean the skin on the inside of the ear gently and be careful not to retract the swab if the dog moves suddenly.

2. The bath

To prevent your dog from slipping, put a non-slip mat or towel in your bathtub or tub. Fill your container with lukewarm water. Avoid pouring water into your ears and eyes. For cleaning use suitable shampoos with a neutral PH and / or Keratin-based.

Start with the head and finish with the tail, not forgetting the belly, paws, etc. It is important to rinse your pet well, as grooming products can irritate the skin.

3. Cut the nails

It is possible that the nerve is very long, cut only a few millimeters of nails, so as not to hurt your dog. Use a special nail clipper for dogs. Once the nails are cut, you can file them with a file for dogs. If you have damaged the nail by cutting too short and your dog is bleeding, use an anti-bleeding powder.

4. Drying

For drying, use the hair dryer to prevent pests and small fungi from developing in a poorly dried fur. Wipe the ears with a clean towel. A good drying will facilitate the brushing of the hairs!

5. Brushing teeth

Brush your pet’s teeth with a toothbrush and a special toothpaste for dogs. Do not rub too hard, because dogs have very sensitive gums . Generally, dogs do not like this process, but over time they get used to it. Do not hesitate to ask for help from your relatives at first.

6. Application of protection products

For your Spitz to keep a healthy fur, apply once a month a fleas and ticks repellent. But consult your veterinarian beforehand!

7. Fur brushing

NEVER brush your Spitz dry to avoid the appearance of static electricity. Take a spoonful of Keratin and dissolve it in a glass of water, and then put the solution in a spray bottle;or use a Keratine based product. This will regenerate damaged hair, give shine and softness to the hair and make brushing easier. We advise you to brush your companion every day . This will avoid getting knots in its fur. Brushing the hair , pull them towards you (brushing your dog in the direction of his tail towards his head).

To brush your love ball use a stiff bristle brush or a metal brush (Natural brushes prevent the coat from being electrostatic).

After you finish brushing, consider using a fine-toothed comb to untangle the hair. If you can not remove the knots, cut them with scissors by tucking the pointed part through the knot.

Hoping that our advice will be useful, we wish you a great day.

With love from Pom D’Amour !!!

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