The Pomsky

The Pomsky


The Pomsky is a cross between the Pomeranian Spitz and a Siberian Husky .

Currently it remains one of the rarest and most desired pet.

These animals do not look like any race. Each new litter is different from each other and each puppy is unique .

To this day, the popularity of this breed is increasing, particularly in European countries and the United States.

It’s a new trend in the global exclusive dog market .

In order not to encounter any difficulties when Pomsky puppies are born: breeders choose the Pomeranian Spitz as their father and the Husky as their mother and not the other way around.


  • The Pomsky is a perfect copy of the famous Husky , but in miniature even non-connoisseurs can recognize this dog.
  • The size of the dog does not exceed 25-40 cm and its weight varies from 4 to 12 kg .Traditionally, males are slightly taller, but in most cases it all depends on the parents.
  • However, all cross breeds are unpredictable . Breeders are always looking for ways to improve this breed because it is relatively new and still “unfinished”. The goal is to create a small animal with the distinctive characteristics of the Husky.
  • The color of Pomsky’s eyes is always an exclusively hereditary trait of the Husky . The colors are mainly: blue, green, hazelnut, amber, minnow.
  • In dogs of this breed, the color of the eyes may change during the first 12-14 weeks . So lovers of blue eyes should take these features into consideration.
  • The size and weight of the dog depend mainly on the parents . Therefore, depending on their settings, you can get an idea about the result.
  • Your Pomsky can be very small as reaching a height of about 40 cm , but this dog is always at least 2 times smaller than the Siberian Husky.
  • The hair of Pomsky is soft , with a short undercoat but resistant to moisture. The color is variable.
  • Generally dogs with a mask that can be seen on the faces of Husky cost more .

You should know that each new generation of these dogs is completely different from the previous one in terms of weight and height of the puppy.


Today, a cross between Husky and Spitz Pomeranian exists in two versions at a time. These are first-order (F1) and second-order (F2) hybrids.

  • The F1 hybrid – a pure blend of Spitz Pomeranian and Husky , an animal whose direct parents are the representatives of these breeds.
  • The hybrid F2 is an animal resulting from the crossing of two parents belonging to the F1 version. In the second generation where both parents are Pomsky , it’s impossible to know how your dog will be. The only thing we can be sure of is that the weight of the adult dog will not exceed 12 kg, which is twice the size of the Siberian Husky.
  • All of this leads to the fact that there is no official breed standard , and the dog may have any trait of either parent.


    • In most cases, the Pomsky breed takes only the qualities of its parents. This animal is rather happy and friendly.
  • His love and loyalty to his master makes him the best domestic dog . The animal gets along well with any family member and can also become a true friend for another pet.
  • Unlike most dogs, this breed tolerates loneliness . The Pomsky can be ideal, for example, for a person who loves dogs but can not be there permanently. It is an animal that get attached strongly to its owner even if, at first sight, it may seem slightly indifferent.

History of Pomsky


The story of the emergence of this breed on our planet is very mysterious. The first idea of ​​a cross between Husky and Spitz Pomeranian was born a short time ago. About 20 years ago , in the United States and Canada, local dog breeders decided to create a new breed of “fashionable” dogs, which will be similar to the famous Husky , but at the same time measure the size of small dogs. Spitz.

Long-term tests have created a unique animal that, when breeding, received only the best of its parents.

The new breed satisfied dog lovers and spread instantly to the territory of North and South America and after five years it reached Great Britain. In the following years, the dog spread throughout Europe.

Despite its popularity, the dog has not received official recognition after all these years. In addition, uniform standards of race are not created either.

Life span : 13-15 years.

Scope: 6-7 puppies.

Recognized: the breed is not officially recognized.

Colors: gray-white, brown-white, red-white, black-white.

Fur length: medium.

Size: small.



The dog has a long hair and the rather thick undercoat , which is convenient for rainy and cold weather. His hair keeps him clean for a long time. For the fur to remain in excellent condition, it must be constantly combed.

He moults once or twice a year.

Daily brushing will significantly reduce the amount of hair scattered throughout the apartment.

Purchase a special pet shampoo with Neutral PH and / or Keratin base . After bathing, the dog should be wiped with a towel and dried with a hair dryer.

The living conditions of Pomsky


Pomsky is not a difficult companion. This animal feels good in a small apartment as well as in a large country house.
In a private house, the dog does not require a daily walk, but when your Pomsky lives in a small apartment, it is important to take it out at least twice a day to release the energy stored in the fresh air. Do not neglect extra time spent doing physical work on weekends, for example.
It is also necessary to provide the dog with a personal space . The dog does not need special attention, however, so that the animal does not start to lack contact with the owner , it is necessary to give him a few minutes of attention .



These very cute dogs are extremely intelligent and are easy to learn by handlers. Dressing must take into account the daily physical needs of Pomsky, as well as his intellectual education.


grey puppy

The Pomsky are naturally playful and energetic and therefore need good quality food .

In his taste preferences, this dog is no different from other domestic dogs. Therefore, you can feed this breed with regular dry foods ( croquettes ) or natural foods . On the other hand, one must pay attention to the optimal amount of proteins, minerals, fats, vitamins and other nutrients consumed by the dog. There is a list of foods to avoid for the best health of your dog:

  1. Fatty or smoked foods
  2. Treats
  3. Salty foods
  4. The pastries
  5. Raw meat or fish.

Health of Pomsky


Pomsky often suffers from dental diseases . Not always , but there is a chance that the puppy inherits this peculiarity from his parents, so it is important to pay attention to veterinary exams .

Rules of buying a dog

pomsky puppy

Even if you have enough money, buying a Pomsky will not be an easy task. And there are many reasons for that:

After filing an application for a puppy, the client makes a reservation.

  • In a litter, there are 6-7 puppies
  • The breed is considered a novelty in the world of professional dog breeding and its demand is increasing every day.
  • Hybrids of the first generation (F1) are the most popular . It is also a factor that complicates the purchase.
  • The sale of Pomsky in all farms is carried out on the same principle:
      • As you understand, there is a waiting list for this rare breed. This waiting list allows breeders to select the future owner and assign a serial number to the puppy (even before it goes on sale).
      • As soon as the Pomsky puppies have six weeks , the breeder sends pictures of these puppies to the first person on the list.
      • The client proceeds from one day to choose his puppy.
      • However, he has the right to pass his turn in anticipation of the next litter.
      • When one of the puppies is sold, the breeder removes the buyer from the waiting list and sends pictures of the remaining puppies to the next person. He must also make a decision within 24 hours.

It is very difficult to determine the timing of your turn , as previous buyers do not have a specific time frame to choose a Pomsky puppy and may miss the opportunity to purchase.


The average price of a Pomsky dog ​​varies between 2,500 and 4,000 euros . The cost often depends on the color. The most expensive and most valuable are puppies with ” a Husky mask “.

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