What are the guarantees when buying a pet

guarantees when buying a pet

When buying a pet in France, the buyer has only one guarantee: The law of June 22, 1989.

Indeed, it was necessary to put in place rules to protect animals , buyers and sellers when dealing with pets.

The animal market is regulated by the Ministry of Agriculture. The authorities understand that it is impossible to guarantee the health status of a living being over time. And buyers very often underestimate the veterinary fees during small sores.

The law is very clear. It protects the buyer if the animal dies because of a disease that is part of the latent vices.

With dogs, it is:

  • Carré’s disease,
  • Rubarth hepatitis,
  • canine parvovirosis,
  • hereditary defects,
  • Coxo-femoral dysplasia (or hip dysplasia),
  • testicular ectopia (cryptorchidism or monorchidism),
  • and retinal atrophy.

With cat, it is about:

  • feline leukopenia (panleukopenia),
  • Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP),
  • feline leukemia virus (FeLV)
  • or by the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV).

This “guarantee” is only valid for 2 to 4 weeks (depending on the illness) after the transaction.

Indeed, if the buyer lets his pup drag in the sewers, or if he / she does not pay attention to his food and his behavior, the animal will be able to catch viruses, parasites and bacteria or simply to suffer from malnutrition.

If the buyer does not bring the animal to the veterinarian when it is necessary, despite all his vaccinations, the animal may die. It is not a plush which we change the batteries when “it does not work well”. It is a living being that forces the buyer to a great responsibility.

That’s why lawmakers passed this law. It protects the buyer if your pet dies because the breeder did not respect the conditions of good health on the day of the transaction. Nevertheless, the seller can not be responsible for all the diseases of the planet and indefinitely in time.

This guarantee is the same for everyone, regardless of the buyer, the animal or the seller. So do not hesitate to share this information with your loved ones. It could be useful the day one of them decides to buy a pet.


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