Pomeranian Dwarf Spitz Education Tips

Pomeranian Dwarf Spitz Education Tips

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  1. Be very careful that the puppy doesn’t fall down. They can fall and break their neck and die. Don’t put them on the sofa, not on the bed, not upstairs, etc…. Be careful when you are holding the puppy in your arm. E.g.  1 month ago, the puppy of a customer begged her during the night to sleep with her. After 15 minutes she finally took the puppy in her bed and fell asleep. In the morning the puppy was dead on the floor because she had fallen down from the bed. The client underestimated this rule. She lost her puppy.
  2. Be aware that the puppy drinks water and eats food. If the puppy is sad and moody for any reason or if it is too hot, your puppy may refuse to eat. If it doesn’t eat, it will have a “hypothermia” crisis (missing sugar). Your puppy will not have energy anymore and will seem dead. Don’t panic. Mix water and sugar and put it in its mouth with a syringe or a little pipe. Do this 3 times. Wait a few minutes. The sugar will go into its blood and body. 10 minutes later, the puppy will stand up and will get back some energy. You need to feed it as soon as possible with rice and chicken breast, or ham, or turkey.
  3. In 2 or 3 months, the puppy will lose 50% of their hair and will also grow. It will look less teddy bear and cute. Don’t panic! It is a natural process call molting. It is losing its baby hair to make room for adult hair. The hair will come back at the age of 10-12 months, and the puppy will start looking like a teddy bear again.
  4. You need to feed the puppy only with Salmon croquette Pro Plan (junior or adult). The salmon is full of Vitamin B which is good for the skin. This puppy is creamy-white. If you want it to stay as white as possible, feed it with Salmon croquette. Otherwise some orange tasks will appear (mainly around the eyes) or it may lose a bit of hair on its nose.
  5. Be very careful with toads and caterpillars. If the puppy licks a poisonous one of these, their tongue will swell and a lot of saliva will come out from their mouth. You have to immediately put a lot of water in their mouth and phone a veterinarian clinic to bring them in for detox. If the puppy is not treated within 30 minutes they will die.
  6. Check that the baby teeth have fallen out. If not, you will have to ask your veterinarian to take them out in order to let adult teeth grow.
  7. Don’t forget to give your dog regular worms treatment (speak to your veterinarian about it).
  8. Big veterinary clinics full of modern machines located in expensive places have big fees. Some of them don’t hesitate to play with your feelings in order to make you pay for unnecessary treatment. We recommend that you choose a small veterinarian in your neighborhood. The best ones are the ones recommended by friends.
  9. Veterinarians treat all kinds of animals and they are not experts in particular breeds. Usually a vet will just make all the necessary exams until he finds the correct disease. The bill can grow hugely and very fast. We strongly recommend you to take out health insurance for your puppy just after the sale.
  10. Antibiotics are aggressive against the stomachs of puppies. Our puppies have very small stomachs. It is absolutely necessary to protect the stomach of your puppy if it is taking chemical treatment. We use phosphaluvet.
  11. Feel free to contact us 24/7 if you have any questions or in case of emergency: 0033 7 67 85 50 40 .


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