Terms & Conditions

1. Who we are

Pom d’amour is a limited company registered in Bordeaux France under the N° SIRET 81819298100020. Our office is located on Immeuble Pont d’Aquitaine 14 rue Cantelaudette 33310 Lormont France. We are controlled by authorities and have the  EORI N° FR81819298100012.

Our phone number is +33 7 50 04 51 14. Our email address : contact@pomdamour.eu.

2. Our service

We help people to find the most beautiful and healthy pet.

Because we work since many years with the greatest pet clubs of the world, the most serious international pet transport companies and the local authorities; we are able to help you to find the most exclusive pets of the world!

  1. You share with us your request,
  2. We send you pictures or videos of different pets available,
  3. If you are interested in 1 pet, we will send you the contact details of the breeder,
  4. If you agree for purchasing the pet, you’ll have to pay us 290€ in order to take the garanty that you will receive the correct pet from the pictures.
  5. If the seller doesn’t bring you your pet or the pet is not corresponding to the photos or videos your received, you will be free to cancel the transaction and get back your 290€ by Bank Transfer.


3. Refund policy

We will show you the puppy of your choice by photos, videos, or webcam. You know the origin and the conditions of sales before you decide to purchase a puppy with our company, and everything will have been done to help you to make a good choice.
You can’t exchange puppies and we don’t refund any money after you sign and accept this sale agreement exept if the seller failed by delivering your pet.

4. Pure breed

Pom d’amour can’t garanty you the breed of the animal as Pom d’amour is not the breeder, neither the seller. Pom d’amour garanty you someone will bring you the pet you felt in love and you ordered.

5. Health

A pet is an animal. It is not a washing machine with 3 years of garanty. A breeder or seller can only garanty you the good health of the pet the day of the transaction with some official veterinarian docs.

6. Support

Feel free to contact us if you have any question  by phone +33 7 50 04 51 14 or by mail contact@pomdamour.eu.

7. Privacy

Pom d’amour use cookies for better user experience. Pom d’amour may send you some mails and may phone you in order to help you to satisfy your request. You will be free to unsubscribe anytime you want by contacting us or at the bottom of our mail.

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